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Year after year damages worth millions arise, which have been caused by electromagnetic interference or electrostatic discharge. It is often difficult to find the cause for this. However there is a set of measures to prevent these kinds of damages. Through the use of a number of devices and materials, precautions are taken to avoid these kinds of interferences and discharges.

For this purpose ROWO offers a range of products from the product family ROWOSHIELD®, e.g. highly conductive coated films, nonwovens and wovens for different fields of application


cable shielding

  • protection of data cables against the influence of
    electromagnetic waves

Raum- und Gehäuseabschirmung

  • shielding of PC-, laptop- and mobile phone housings
  • protection of sensible measuring- and control devices in operating rooms, research laboratories and surveillance rooms
  • protection against bugging in rooms of police, military, editorials etc.

conductive gaskets

  • shielding gaskets for lids and doors of PC-housings, measuring devices and control cabinets

We offer the following ROWOSHIELD® shielding materials as standard:






Polyester ripstop fabric

Polyester nonwoven

Polyester nonvowen


115 g/m²

85 g/m²

42 g/m²


1.400 mm

1.500 mm

1.500 mm


Copper +
corrosion protection

Copper +
corrosion protection


Sheet resistance

≤ 10 mΩ /

≤ 10 mΩ /

< 300 mΩ /

(ASTM D-4935-89)

78 - 93 dB
from 0,01 - 4 GHz

80 - 88 dB
from 0,01 - 4 GHz

47 - 50 dB
from 0,01 - 4 GHz

Apart from the standard products ROWO also offers customer specific developments, which meet the customers’ requirements optimally with regard to the substrate,
the coating material and the shielding effectiveness.