Just as diverse as our customers are so are the fields of application of the substrates which we coat for them. Due to the range of our possibilities ROWO´s coatings are brought into function in several industry branches..

food industry

  • barrier- and decorative coatings for food packaging

construction industry

  • roofing underlay for insulation/reflection
  • various insulation materials
  • sun protection (wovens, non-wovens, roller blinds, windows)
  • herbicidal root barrier on flat roofs


  • transparent and conducting cover sheet for blisters of electronic components (antistatic packaging)
  • transparent and conducting protection cover for electronic parts
  • conducting textiles in areas with highly flammable gases for avoidance of electrostatic discharge and the associated risk of explosion
  • conductive finishing of filter textiles for avoidance of dust explosions via electrostatic discharge

automobile industry

  • occupant detection for airbag technology
  • thermal management
  • sun protection
  • decorative coatings for interior
  • surface heating elements e.g. seat heater

solar industry

  • electrode coating for solar technology
  • flexible solar mirrors

medical technology

  • effect patches
  • transparent electrodes for various diagnostic systems
  • sensor technology for biomedicine
  • antibacterial wound dressing/patch

furniture industry

  • décor surfaces such as reception desks, kitchens or displays
  • flexible mirror
  • metallic and structural effects

sport- and clothing industry

  • decorative coatings in shoe- and clothing components
  • decorative coatings in sports equipment
  • haute couture